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Boat Storage Racks
Security, Locking, and Tiedowns

For SUP Paddleboards, Canoes, Kayaks, and Boats



NOTE:  Boats Are Not Required To Be Locked Down - This is Optional

This page highlights the different ways to secure down 
canoes, kayaks, boats, and SUP paddle boards to your boat storage rack. 

To Secure Racks Down to Different Mounting Surfaces CLICK HERE to see the Storage Rack Anchor Page


Advantages of Lockdown Systems

While There Are Many Systems To Lock Boats In Place Such As SUP Leash Locks And SUP Fin Locks, The Suggestions Shown On This Page Capture Each Boat Securely To Each Arm And Make The Boats More Difficult To Remove


SUPs Can Be Securely Locked To A Trailex Storage Rack

Shown is a SUT-WR4 with Four Extra Arm Sets.  This holds  Eight (8) Surfboards. 
Using the FWSC Web Strap Clips on Each Arm Allows Use of Locking Cables on Each End of the Boards To Help Prevent Unauthorized Removal

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Trailew Web strap Clip Option
FWSC Option

Trailew Web strap Clip Option Set of Four Clips

Optional Tie Down points for Web Straps or Bungee Cords - Use to  add extra tie down points to secure boat. Easily adjusts to any position by sliding.


FWSC Option includes Four Sliding Square Eyebolts.  These can be installed on any side of a member on the unit  that has a slot and then locked in place by tightening the nuts.  





Trailex Rack Configured For SUP Paddle Board Lockdown

Shown is a TR-801  with Three Extra Arm Sets.  
The Locking Security Cable Is Attached To Web Strap Clips On Each Arm. This Allows You To Securely Cinch Each End Of The SUP Paddleboard To The Arms. This Method Captures The Paddle Board On Both Ends, Preventing It From Being Removed By Unauthorized Users.

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Security System  can also be used with Trailex Box Style  Rack s
Trailex Box Style Rack with Extension Rack with Canoes and Kayaks
Trailex SUT-3BR Box Style Rack and SUT-3BRE Extension  with Kayaks and Canoe





Typical Lock Down Systems

Many Types Of Locking Cables Can Be Used. 
Cables With Loops And Padlocks Can Be Adjusted To Cinch Boards To Rack Arms.
Shown Below Is A Locking Cable System From Master Lock.


Racks Can Be Bolted Down    Master Lock Cable Lock 


See A Video Of The Master Lock Python Cable System





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 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 

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Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

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Canoe  & Kayak Storage Racks


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Storage Racks For Sailboats




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