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Boat Storage Racks
How To Bolt and Anchor Down
To Concrete, Wood, Grass and Soft Soil



NOTE:  These Storage Racks Are Not Required to be Bolted Down - This is Optional
This page highlights the many different ways to anchor down your boat storage racks for canoes, kayaks, boats, and sailboats to a variety of different surfaces.  Storage Racks can be bolted down to wood, concrete floors, and adapted by means of concrete pads for soft soil, including grassy areas.




Wood Dock   Concrete Pad   Grass or Soft soil





Trailex Double Tree Stationary Rack        Six Canoe Rack with Boats

Kayak Rack Bolted to a Concrete Floor


Canoe Rack Bolted to a Concrete Pad




Multiple Dock unit Rack        Yacht Club Racks on Ground

Sailboat Racks Anchored to a Wood Dock


Sailboat Racks Anchored  in Grass Area




Trailex 15 Boat Rack       

Box Racks on Raised Concrete Pads or Pillars


Box Racks Bolted to Flat Concrete





Temporary Installation with Auger Anchor

Typical Auger Anchor Set  

Screw anchor into the ground




Permanent Anchoring Systems 


Measure and Layout the Storage Rack 

Trailex Box Rack Layout top view

Typical Layout Dimensions - Either measure your rack or obtain from manufacturer




Use L Brackets to Bolt Down the Racks

On all installations Use L Brackets to secure racks to floors, docks or concrete pads.  You may order these with your racks, or obtain from local hardware suppliers
AB-4 Style Bracket Attachment   Typical L Type  Bracket





On Wood Surfaces - Such as a Dock


Racks Can be bolted to Wooden Docks by using L Brackets and Lag Screws


Use An  L-Bracket   Use a Lag Screw to Bolt Down into Wood






On a Concrete Surface or Pad


A Full Size Concrete Pad can be poured to allow racks to be bolted down by using 
L Brackets and
Concrete Fasteners


 Anchor for Wet Insertion   Cinch Style- Drill a Hole   Lag & Shield - Drill a Hole


Installation Tips

  • Locate concrete pads for each bolt down point. 
  • Be sure that all foot pads are equally level. 
  • Choose your anchor bolts.  
  • Concrete L Bolts are inserted into the wet concrete and require exact measurements
  • NOTE: It is much easier to install the "Cinch"  or "Lag & Shield" type anchors by drilling after the concrete dries as these type of anchors  do not require precise measurements for the bolt locations.




On Soft Soil Or Grass with Raised  Pads


Multiple Concrete Pads or Footers  can be poured to allow racks to be bolted down





Use a  Round or Square Concrete  Form


Round  cardboard Sonotube Type Forms are available pre-made or you can construct your own forms from wood





Using Round Pre-Made Concrete Forms

Typical Installation   Cut Form to Size   Dig Hole and Set Form




 Mix Concrete   Choose Anchor Bolt   Fill Form with concrete




Construct Your own forms from wood

Typical Layout   Build Form to Size   Fill with Concrete






Trailex Rack Kit - Menu
 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 

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Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

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Storage Racks For Sailboats




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