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Snark Sailboats
FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Snark is the world's largest Sailboat Manufacturer. According to the 1998 Sailor's Sourcebook over 425,000 Snarks have been built. More people have learned to sail on a Snark, than any other recreational sailboat. All Snark models are car-toppable. Snark's are unsinkable, the internal hull being completely filled with EPS foam leaving no voids.  The external hull and deck are formed out of rugged  ABS polymer, which is vacuum formed over the core to give an extremely durable hull.


Q. Can I really learn to sail in one day on a Snark ?

A. Of course. We even include a beginners sailing manual with each Snark sailboat. Models such as the Super Snark and Sunflower are the boats of choice for many camps and resorts as learning boats.

Q. What are the hull colors ?

Super Snark : Hull varies with white deck 
Sunflower 3.3 : Yellow with White deck
Sea Skimmer : White with Red deck 
Sunchaser : White with White deck

color choices cannot be guaranteed and may change.

Q. What is ABS ?

A. A space age material in the same family as lexan or royalex. It is also commonly used on canoes, paddleboats and small fishing boats. The interior parts of your automobile are likely made of ABS because of it's durability.

Q. What are the advantages of ABS construction over fiberglass construction ?

A. Lower cost to the consumer, lighter weight, greater shock resistance. If you drop a fiberglass boat off a cartop, it  will likely  suffer damage.

Q. Which is the fastest Snark ?

A. The Sea Skimmer, followed closely by Sunflower, and Sunchaser II.

Q. What are the differences between the Sunflower 3.3 and the Super Snark. ?

A. The Super Snark is your basic "no frills"  sailboat. The Sunflower on the other hand, has many features such as:

a.  Forward storage 
b.  Front splash deck
c.  wider beam 3'-6"
d.  higher freeboard 14" (gunwale to waterline)
e.  optional wooden center sail seat 
f.   larger sail 55 sq. ft. Heavier weight nylon
g.  heavier rigging

The Sunflower 3.3 is faster and according to SAIL MAGAZINES 1998 Sailboat Buyers Guide, the Sunflower is in the same category as the Sunfish, Capri Wave, Hobie Wave, Escape, Expedition (pg75).

Q. Can I row  my Snark sailboat?

A. The Sunchaser series have oar horns for the optional oars .. The Super Snark, Sunflower and Sea Skimmer are designed for sailing only.


Q. Why is it recommended that  I do not leave my Snark Sailboat  in the water continuously?

A. Snark Sailboats are not designed to stay in the water on a continuous basis, as the hull may, after a long period, absorb water.  They are light boats that are easily launched and retrieved.  Many other small sailboats also have this limitation since they have internal foam, which if exposed to water infiltration on a long term basis could also retain water.

Q. Can the Sunchaser really hold 4 adults ?

A. Yes, the Sunchaser is a "dry" type boat, meaning you won't get as wet because of the recessed cockpit with molded bench seats. The seating area is 70" by 47". The benches are 10" deep on the sides, 15" deep forward.

Q. I know all Snarks are car-toppable, but if I choose to use a trailer, what type is best ?

A. A small trailer designed for fishing boats is adequate. Be certain to use only a "bunk" type trailer (padded rails). Avoid roller type trailers, even ones that have bunks but a forward roller. Roller type trailers can damage the hulls of most small sailboats due to excessive pressure points. CastleCraft handles Trailex aluminum trailers, which are UPS shippable. Trailex Model SUT-200-S will fit the Super Snark, Sunflower 3.3, and Sea Skimmer.  Due to their larger size, the Sunchaser I and II sailboats fit best on the Trailex SUT-250-S.



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