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Seacycle & Water Bike
FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)


"The fact that the Seacycle combines being on the water, cycling and a workout is a dream come true" 

"The golden hour I spend on my Water Bike inevitably washes away the day's tensions." 

Comments from satisfied owners

Seacycle and Water Bike are the ultimate answer to human powered transportation on the water. Whether you want an exercise workout, a boat tender for larger boats, an outstanding fishing experience or just plain fun and recreation.....this is the solution.  Used around the world by personal owners or subjected to daily rental use by resorts, hotels, parks and the like, the Seacycle and Water Bike are built to take rugged use.

Q.  What is the main difference between Seacycle and Water Bike?

A.  The Water Bike is for solo use by one rider only.  The Seacycle is larger and can handle up to four passengers .   Certain Water Bike models also come with removable arm action handles, allowing a full aerobic work out on the water.


Q.    How easy are the Seacycle and Water Bike to put together?

A.    Seacycle assembles with no tools in 5 minutes or less.

        Water Bike assembles with no tools in under 3 minutes.


Q.  How fast will they go?

A.  The record is 13.5 mph.  An average rider in good shape can easily top 10 mph the first time.  Riders report effortless cruising at 5 to 7 mph on both models.


Q.  How far can you travel on the Seacycle or Water Bike?

A.  They have crossed the English Channel between  Britain and France.  Both models have traveled 1100 miles from Seattle WA to Juneau AK.   Effortlessly cruise up to 50 miles in one day.


Q.  What about rough water?

A.  Rental operations in Maui launch them into 3 foot surf every day.   Suggested ocean cruising is in waves of 4 feet or less.  Their low wind resistance easily handles wind up to 25 mph.


Q.  How do they Steer?

A.  The Seacycle has a hand controlled rudder.

      The Water Bike is Hands-Free and has articulated aft pontoons ( the rear sections pivot) that are attached to the seat of the Water Bike.  A mere shift of your weight changes direction.  Outstanding for fishing.  Turns just like riding a bicycle


Q.  What about a "Fitness Workout"?

A.  Analysis shows that a 150 lb person will burn about 720 calories an hour at the 65% target heart rate.  User comments have stated  "The alternative to a boring Nordic Track".  The Water Bike can provide a "Full Body Workout".


Q.  How does the Water Bike measure up for Fishing?

A.  Fisherman love it.  Our Sportsman Water Bike Model comes fully equipped to catch the big one.  The Hands-Free steering makes it easy to land the "big one".  One avid fisherman stated " I have now caught three fish over forty lbs on my Water Bike.  I am no exercise nut, but the workout hasn't hurt a beer bellied bass fisherman one bit."


Q.  How durable are they?

A.  Years of grueling testing by rental operators using Seacycle and Water Bike up to 2000 hours per year have resulted in the uniquely durable drive unit.  The drive unit is sealed and has an oil filled sump for positive lubrication.  Maintenance requirements are virtually nil.  The drive units lock in place, yet kick up if you strike a submerged object or land on the beach.


Q.  Do they hold up to rental use?

A.  Proven in over 40 countries worldwide in rental operations.  Rental fleets report payback of purchase price in less than 90 days.  Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency, Sandals, Marriott, KOA and hundreds of other hotels on salt and fresh water have proven the fun and durability of the Seacycle and Water Bike.


Q.  How do they function as a boat tender for larger boats?

A.  Both Seacycle and Water Bike have optional Tender Lift Kits which allow a 4 point pickup for hoisting aboard larger boats.  You can option the Seacycle Twin or Limo in a variety of configurations:  Maximize passengers up to 5 riders consisting of adults & children.  Maximize gear transport by up to 3 baskets.  Mix or match configurations by adding extra interchangeable options of seats, baskets, and umbrella.


Q.  What are the colors?

A.  Seacycle is available in yellow only.

      Water Bike is available in green or yellow.

      Sportsman Water Bike is green.

      All Water Bikes are one solid color now, not two part as shown on some photos.

      Aluminum parts on all models are anodized black color.


Q.  How do they compare to other Bicycle style pedal craft?

A.  The Main differences are:

        1.  High Quality

        2.  Industrial Grade, even for rental operations

        3.  Steering is easier

        4.  Comfortable seats - you can go all day
             - some others have only uncomfortable bike seats

        5.  Modular design - no part over 41 lbs

        6.  Faster - up to 13 mph possible

        7.  Rugged chain drive in oil sump
             - some have belt drives that slip or harder to pedal direct drive

        8.  Water Bike designed for Aerobic Exercise - both arm and leg action
             - others only pedal


Q.  I want to transport my Seacycle, how can I?

A.  Both the Seacycle and Water Bike disassemble completely in minutes.  You can car-top the components on a roof rack like a kayak or canoe.  On the Seacycle no part weighs more than 41 lbs.  On the Water Bike no part weighs more than 20 lbs.   Sportsman Water Bike can be easily portaged to those out of the way fishing holes. 

Seitech Launching Dollies are available for both Seacycle and Water Bike.

CastleCraft also offers a trailer that is designed for the Seacycle.


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