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Single Kayak Trailer
also for Canoes, small boats, dories, and skiffs up to 200 lbs

Trailex Logo

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Trailers come with  a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers and they Never Rust


*within the 48 USA



Trailex Model SUT-220-S Trailer 

Trailex SUT-200 with kayak

The Trailex SUT-220-S Trailer Provides A Soft Ride for  Even Small Kayaks
 not included - Old Town Loon Kayak (previous generation trailer shown - current model has improved box style suspension)



Trailex SUT-220-S Trailer - SUT-200-S

The SUT-220-S is so light, it is often used also as a launching dolly

All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable

SUT-220-S Trailer  is 985.00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Details , Available Options Pricing  and Action Videos





(offer only valid when ordered with trailer)
Sorry, Offer Does Not Apply to Prior Sales + Limited Time Offer



Watch a Video on the SUT-220-S Features



Canoe on Car Canoe on SUT-200-S Trailer

Go from This

To This



Model SUT-220-S will transport a single Kayak or Canoe  .  It  has a tuned  suspension to virtually eliminate "Road Bounce" on Kayaks, Canoes,  and other small boats. This trailer can be shipped via UPS, and is easily assembled.  Since the SUT-220-S Trailer is made of aluminum, it is maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight. Another advantage is that the SUT-220 carries your  Kayak or Canoe  upright, allowing you to store gear in the boat and since the kayak  or canoe  is positioned for launching, you may never have to lift your boat again. 


Kayak on Trailex Trailer
16 Foot " Kajak" Sport Viking Expedition kayak on Trailex Trailer
previous generation trailer shown - current model has improved box style suspension)



Trailex SUT-200 Trailer With Kayak

 Trailex Model SUT-220-S with optional spare tire and carrier
 not included -Old Town Loon Kayak shown on trailer or trailer stand)


Trailex Kayak Trailer

Long Kayaks are Easily Transported on The  SUT-350-S Trailer - Click Here



How Light is the SUT-220-S?
(Motorcycle and Alumacraft canoe not included)



Single Kayak Trailer by Trailex

Native Watercraft Kayak  on Trailex Trailer
previous generation trailer shown - current model has improved box style suspension)




in 48 USA


Trailex SUT-200-S shown with MiddlePath Skua

Trailex SUT-220-S Has Cradles That Swivel To Accommodate A Wide Variety of Kayaks & Boats From Flat Bottomed Canoes To Dories Like The MiddlePath Skua (not included) Shown Above (previous generation trailer shown - current model has improved box style suspension)



Trailex SUT-200-S Trailer with Sportspal Canoe - Launching by Hand Trailex SUT-200-S Trailer with Sportspal Canoe - Launching by Car
Use As A  Dolly
Sportspal Canoe Not Included)
  Use As  A Trailer 
Sportspal Canoe Not Included)




     Standard Equipment


220 lbs
125 lbs
15'-2" feet
52 "
16" High
Flat 4 prong
  • Submersible Taillights

  • Safety Chain

  • Padded Cradles on Adjustable Brackets

  • Adjustable Bow Stop

  • High Impact Plastic Fenders

  • Lift Handle with Vinyl Caps

  • High Speed Demountable Galvanized Wheels & Tires

  • Adjustable Undercarriage

  • Rear loading Roller

  • Web Strap Clips (4)




Optional Extra Equipment

SPGAL Spare Tire    59.95
STC Spare Tire Carrier   59.95
WNC Winch with Strap & Hook 119.95
200-MPK Dual  Kayak Conversion Kit (Two Kayaks) 199.95
RB-KIT  Kit includes Set of Two   48" X 6"  Rear Bunks  and Hardware to Replace  Rear Cradle.*   159.00

 NOTE:  Rear Cradle must be removed when installing the RB-KIT. 
 The trailer is designed only for a two point support system.





  Bearing Protection System
  Included on Every Trailer

Sure Lube low pressure bearing lubrication system.  Protects bearings and prevents any seal damage. 
Easy to use. A Zerk Fitting is located under the axle's end cap. Removing the end cap allows you to use a
small grease gun to lubricate the bearings. 
The new grease pushes the old grease out. 




Trailex Trailers Are Rated For All US Highway Speeds.
This Trailex Canoe Trailer  Shown Above Has Traveled 16,000 Miles in one year.



RB-KIT   Optional Rear Support Bunks
Bunks can be Adjusted in Height and Angle, or Spaced Close or Wide


Support Bunks can be Flat  

  Angle Bunks to fit Hull Contour

For illustrative purposes :similar Trailex trailer shown  set up with  front cradle and rear bunks

Trailer comes standard with a Front and Rear Cradle.  This option allows you to remove the Rear Cradle and install Dual longitudinal bunks.  RB-KIT  is a Set of Two   48"  X 6"  Bunks.   NOTE:  Rear Cradle must be removed when installing this kit.  The trailer is designed only for a two point support system.



Cradle adjusted for kayak Cradles on SUT-220-S will allow bunks to be adjusted inward to accommodate narrow boat hulls, such as kayaks.



Trailex Trailer Has Fully Adjustable Cradles     Trailex Trailer Has Fully Adjustable Cradles     Trailex Trailer Has Fully Adjustable Cradles
Semi Vee Hulls   Adjusts to any Hull   Swivels Flat

Trailer Cradles Adjust  to any Point on the Tongue - Bunks Swivel to  Hulls Contour



Application Information

The Trailex  Model SUT-220-S will carry up to a 17' long  Canoe,  Kayak, Skiff  or Dory*

* most states allow up to a  4' overhang before requiring flags or reflectors

For boats Longer than 17' see the Model SUT-350-S Trailer - Click Here

For greater capacity of up to 350lbs
 see the  Model SUT-350-S Trailer - Click Here


Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions

Trailex Trailer Packaged for UPS Shipment

Typical Trailex Trailer Packaged for FedEx Shipment



Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt




Trailex SUT-250M-2 Trailer Video





Assembly Instructions
Escape Sailboat Trailer Zuma Sailboat Trailer

Trailex Trailer Brochure
Trailex Trailers





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