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Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL

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Trailex Super Duty
 Large Boat Launching  Dolly
For Boats Up To 700 lbs Capacity

Adjusts to Fit Virtually all Boats

Universal Adjustable Dolly for Larger Sailboats 
Such as Boston Whaler, Catalina 16, Flying Dutchman, Hunter 170, O'Day 16 Daysailer, Nomad Vanguard 17, Thistle and Similar Sailboats.  Also for Fishing Boats, Life Boats, Jon Boats and Large Zodiac Style Inflatables  


*within the 48 USA


Trailex Logo

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Dollies come with  a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel  dollies and they Never Rust



Trailex  SUT-700-U Super Duty  Boat Dolly
TRailex SUT-700-U Super Duty Dolly
SUT-700-U  Launching Dolly has an adjustable length tongue.  The Center Bunks  allow boats to be easily pulled onto the dolly in addition to floating a boat onto it.  The Dolly is shown in the extended mode.  It will extend  from 8'-6"to 13'-0" in length.  It will carry boats from 8' to 20' long with a capacity of 700 lbs.



SUT-700-U  Standard is Not Available

Scroll Down the Page  for Details , Available Options Pricing  and Action Videos




Dolly Adjusts to Different Lengths

Compact Mode is 8'-6"


Extended Mode is 13'-0"




Optional Stabilizer Pads
Trailex-SUT-700-U Super Duty Launching Dolly

 Trailex Model SUT-700-U  Super Duty Dolly.  It is shown with the Optional SP-1 Stabilizer Pads used for Inflatables or Wide Boats.  The Pads will extend out to 73" Wide, and over the wheels.  The SP-1 Stabilizers can be added just to one axle or use two SP-1 Stabilizers for both axles



Flying Dutchman Sailboat on Trailex SUT-700-U Launching Dolly

Flying Dutchman Sailboat on the Trailex SUT-700-U Super Duty Dolly .  Shown with Front Nose Wheel Option, Two optional Support Pads and the optional Hitch Adapter




Trailex Model SUT-700-U  Super Duty Dolly is designed to transport large sailboats, boats, large inflatable boats in a variety of lengths and up to 700lbs.  All Aluminum with padded  rear adjustable support bunks and front padded bunks. 



Too large for your Boat? Click Here for the SUT-300-U Dolly for Boats up to 300 lbs






18 x 8.5

Boats to 16'
Inflatables to 15'
Sailboats to 20'

*within capacity

8'-6" to 13'-0"

Boats from 8'-0"
to 20'-0"


110  LBS

700 LBS *


*  Note That If You Have A  Heavy Boat, It Will Take More Than One Person To Move The Boat, Especially Through Soft Sand, or when Retrieving up an Incline,  such as a Ramp.  If you have a way to tow the Dolly-- you can add also the HA-1 Hitch Adapter.

Note:  Rim Colors May Vary From Color Depicted




 -Multi Point Support - 

With the SUT-700-U Dolly, your Boat can have up to  6 Contact Support Points when you include the optional rear Stabilizer Pads.  The Two Rear Support Bunks  Adjust to fit most hulls. The optional Stabilizer Pads will adjust outward to a total of 73" Wide.  The Rear Support Bunks are Designed to adjust  to provide Rear Transom Support on an Inflatable Boat.   The Dual Pad Front Support easily adjusts to all Boats - providing a Wide Stable Platform for your Boat.


Adjust for Inflatable boats with Optional Stabilizer Pads

   SP-1 Pads to Supports Tubes              Position Bunks for Transom Support of  Motor

Dollies are a available for larger Inflatables - CONTACT US



How to Measure Your Inflatable Boat

A  Maximum  of 72" Tube Center to Center
B  Maximum  of 12'-6" Distance fro Bow Tip to Transom Support
Size Limit on Inflatable Boats -  In order to support the Transom, the boat should be no more than 12'-6"  from the Bow Tip of the boat to the Rear Transom.  Dimension "B"

It is best to physically measure  the boat, however you can compute it approximately by:
EXAMPLE :  Boat is 15' Overall length - the inside distance from the inside front to the transom is listed as 10'-0" - Add the Tube Diameter 22" = 11'-10".  The center bunks will then position under the transom for support.  In some instances you may be able to pull the Boats Bow flush against the Dolly's handle to gain extra distance.  Maximum Weight  Capacity is 700 Lbs, and large boats may need multiple persons to move the dolly.




Trailex Universal Launching Dolly - Bow Stop






Bow Stop adjusts to any Position on 
Handle.  Fits all Boat Bow Styles

     Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  Adjustable Rear Support Bunks
  Super Size 18" x 8.5" Pneumatic Tires
  Tandem Axle and Wheels
  Adjustable Tongue Length
  Heavy Duty Front Bunk Support
  Quickly Adjusts from One Boat to Another
  includes Two Web Strap Clips
  Fits Flat , Semi-Vee Boats  
&  Inflatables



Fully Adjustable Optional Stabilizer Pads


Pads adjust to any Position   

Pads will Adjust  Over Wheel

Use One Set on Rear Axle Only   Order  Two Sets for  both axles

Stabilizer Pads can be used for Inflatables or Wide Boats.  The Pads will extend out to 73" Wide, and over the wheels.  The SP-1 Stabilizers can be added just to one axle or use two SP-1 Stabilizers for both axles.




  Adjustable Support Bunks
  Adjust Flat
  Adjustable   Angle
  Adjustable  in Height
 Wide or Close Spacing



SUT-300-U Front Bow Support Detail


Universal Dolly Tongue Adjustment

The Wide Front Bunks Fit Boats 
From Flat Bottoms to Semi-Vees

Quick Adjustment Knobs Let  you
 Change Tongue Length Easily



HA-1 Hitch Adapter for Towing; For SUT-300-U Dolly

HA-1 Hitch Adapter 

  • 1-7/8" Hitch Coupler 

  • Low speed and short distance towing only

  • Hitch Option for your Dolly 
    allows towing with an 
    ATV, Golf Cart or a Vehicle

  • Off-Road use only




Trailew Web strap Clip Option
FWSC Option

Trailew Web strap Clip Option Set of Four Clips

Includes Two  Tie Down points for Web Straps or Bungee Cords - Order Optional  FWSC to  add extra tie down points  to secure boat. Easily adjusts to any position by sliding.


FWSC Option includes Four Sliding Square Eyebolts.  These can be installed on any side of a  member on the unit  that has a slot and then locked in place by tightening the nuts.  



Nose Wheel Option for Trailex Dolly     Nose Wheel Option for Trailex Dolly
NW-2  Nose Wheel Option   Typical  Position on Dolly 




Model SUT-700-U
Super Size Wheel Option


Not Available



HA-1  Hitch  Adapter
 for Towing -1-7/8"


NW-2  Nose Wheels
Two Front 15" X 6" Wheels for Front Support


SP-1 Stabilizer Pads for Inflatables and Wide Boats   NA
FWSC (Set of 4 web strap clips)






Please Note That With The Four Super Size Wheels, This Dolly May Float Up When Launching In The Water To Retrieve Your Boat.  If This Happens, Simply Placing Your Foot On The Tongue Will Allow You To Submerge The Dolly.

Also Note That If You Have A  Heavy Boat, It Will Take More Than One Person To Move The Boat, Especially Through Soft Sand, or when Retrieving up an Incline,  such as a Ramp. If you have a way to tow the Dolly-- you can also add the HA-1 Hitch Adapter.




  • Large Dories up to 20'
  • Skiffs up to 20'
  • Wherries up to 20'
  • Fishing Boats up to 16'
  • SemiVee Boats up to 16'
  • Jon Boats up to 16'
  • Inflatable Boats up to 15'
  • RIB up to 15'
  • Sailboats up to 20'

*Within Dolly Weight Capacity
Add  Boat & Motor Total Weights



Fits These Popular 
Larger Models and More

AB Inflatable Boats
Achilles Inflatable Boats
American Sail Sailboats
Avon Inflatable Boats
Bauer Sailboats
Beetle Cat Sailboat
Boston Whaler Boats
Caribe Inflatable Boats
Catalina Sailboats
CL 16 Sailboat
Fishing Boats to 16'
Flying Dutchman Sailboat
FSI Inflatable Boats
Genesis RIB (Walker Bay)
Gig Harbor Boats
Hunter Sailboats
Inflatable Boats to 15'
Life Boats
Maxxon Inflatable Boats
Mercury Inflatable Boats
Melges  Scow 17
MC Scow, Super Scow
Novurania Inflatable Boats
O'Day 16 Daysailer
Tanzer Sailboat
Vanguard Sailboats
Whitehall Boats
Zodiac Inflatable Boats




Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt





See Action Videos
Trailex Dolly Owners  love to post Videos.  See the Latest Action Videos



Trailex SUT-300-U Dolly Video
Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran Shown


Find Your Boat's Dolly Model 
Click Here 





Trailex Universal SUT-350-SD Sling Dolly
Sling  Style Universal  
Beach Launching Dolly

See Our Universal Sling  Style  Dolly for Many  Boats Under 350 lbs.

Sailboats, Canoes, 
Kayaks, Jon Boats 
and Smaller Inflatables


Trailex Universal Beach Lunching Dolly-menu-3 
Bunk Style Universal  
Beach Launching Dolly

See Our Universal  Bunk Style Dolly For  Boats Under 300 lbs.

Sailboats, Canoes, 
Kayaks, Jon Boats 
and  most Inflatables





SUT-700-U Dolly
Assembly Instructions





Escape Sailboat Trailer Zuma Sailboat Trailer






 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL