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CastleCraft Canoe & Kayak, SUP  Storage Racks
CastleCraft Seitech & Dynamic Stationary, Wall, and Roll-Around Storage Racks 
for Canoes, Kayaks, SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surfboards,  and Sailboards 


SUP, Canoe, Kayak Racks
Free  Standing Racks

Multiple SUP Storage Rack for Paddle Boards
SUP  Racks
Paddle Board, Kayak, Canoe Rack
 Wall  Racks

Tree  Storage Rack for 2  Boats is 835.00  + FREE Shipping  (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Other Sizes and Pricing   



Storage Racks For
Kayak, Canoe, Surfboards, SUP Paddle Boards.

Six Canoe Rack with Boats     Eight Kayak Stationary Rack

Six Canoe Stationary Rack

  Eight Canoe Stationary Rack
CastleCraft's  Storage Racks are made of aluminum, engineered composite joints and stainless steel fasteners.   They are available in fixed, wall mount, and with rolling casters.  Ideal for storage or display units.  Racks ship FedEx..



Dynamic 12 SUP Rolling Rack for twelve SUP Paddle Boards

Twelve SUP on Rolling Rack




Dynamic 12 SUP Rolling Rack for twelve SUP Paddle Boards
Twelve Paddle Board Rolling Rack - Standard tires Shown - Larger Wheels available


Standard Wheel is  16" X 4"   X-Large   Wheel is 18" X 9.5"



SUP RT Series Racks  Vertical & Horizontal Storage
Multiple SUP Storage Rack for Paddle Boards

Horizontal  10  SUP Storage Rack  - Available as a 14 SUP Rack Also

Multiple SUP Storage Rack for Paddle Boards

20  SUP  Vertical Rack Storage for Paddle Boards

    Multiple Paddle Storage Rack for SUP and Kayaks
10  SUP  Vertical Rack Storage    Paddle Storage Rack  with optional casters
Five SUP  Display Rack   Five SUP  Display Rack





Seitech Typical Canoe Rack with Casters
Double Tree 8 Canoe Rack with optional Casters




Seitech Double Tree Rack
Double Tree 8 Kayak Rack with optional Casters
(actual rack design varies with model and number of tiers)




Wall rack SUP, Canoe, Kayak

Wall Mount for Canoes, Kayaks, Surfboards, SUP Paddle Boards.
(actual rack design varies with model and number of tiers)

canoe kayak wall rack     canoe kayak wall rack
CC-WM3 Wall Mount - 3 Canoe - Kayak or SUP Paddle Board   CC-WM4 Wall Mount - 4 Canoe - Kayak  or SUP Paddle Board



Seitech Single Tree Rack
Single Tree Free Standing Rack for 4 Canoes or Kayaks
(actual rack design varies with model and number of tiers)




Post Base for  Bolt Down are Standard

Post Base  is deleted when Caster Option is added

Casters are industrial grade and are designed for heavy duty usage.  Allows easy movement of racks, even when loaded.  Works well for Retail Store Displays, Docks  or Home Garages.

Racks are weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors



Canoe  Kayak  Storage Racks
All Canoe Kayak Racks  have vinyl  rub rails


CC-WM2  Wall Mount - 2 Canoe - Kayak
Equivalent to:  72508  & 20009

$ 475.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

 CC-WM3 Wall Mount - 3 Canoe - Kayak
Equivalent to: 72509  & 20010

$ 580.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

CC-WM4  Wall Mount - 4 Canoe -  Kayak
Equivalent to:  72510  & 20011

$ 750.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

CC-ST2  Single Tree - 2 Canoe - Kayak
 Stationary Equivalent to:  72503   20001

$ 835.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

CC-ST3   Single Tree - 3 Canoe -  Kayak
 Stationary Equivalent to:  72504  & 20002

$ 1300.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-ST4  Single Tree - 4 Canoe -  Kayak
 Stationary Equivalent to:  72505  & 20005
$  1450.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-DT6  Double Tree - 6 Canoe -  Kayak
Stationary Equivalent to:  72506  & 20007
$  1635.00  FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-DT8 Double Tree - 8 Canoe -  Kayak
Stationary Equivalent to: 72507  & 20008
$  1860.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)


CC-TCAST   Caster Conversion Kit - Tree  Racks 
Equivalent to: 74002/3  & 29996
$  150.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack
CC-T12SUP-R   Twelve SUP Rolling Racks - Standard Wheels  Equivalent to: 29007  $  2495.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-T12SUP-XLWheels  X -Large  Tire Upgrade  Wheel is 18" X 9.5" $  300.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack
Custom Options - Handle, Casters, Stationary  CALL  
RT Series SUP Racks CALL  



                 Seitech Kayak Rack outline-menu
Click Here to See All CC Style  Canoe  Rack Dimensions




Trailex Rack Kit - Menu
 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 

Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

Seitech Rack-menu
More  Canoe  & Kayak Storage Racks


Sailboat Storage Racks - Menu
Storage Racks For Sailboats




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