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Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL

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Dynamic Boat 
Launching Dolly

Launching Dolly for Sailboats Such as Sunfish, Laser, Optimist, Club 420, Pico, Snark,  Zuma, Force 5 and Similar Sailboats.  Also for Small Boats, Jon Boats, Zodiac Style Inflatables, Catamarans, Canoes, Kayaks & Rowing Shells.


*within the 48 USA



Dynamic Boat Launching Dolly

Dynamic Dolly in Action
Makes it Easy to Launch & Retrieve  you Boat


Dynamic  420   Dolly with  Std Wheels   is 

Dynamic  Laser    Dolly  with   Std  Wheels   is  585.00

Dynamic  Sunfish    Dolly with  Std  Wheels   is 


Dynamic  Optimist  Dolly  with  Std  Wheels  is 

Dynamic  Zodiac  Dolly  with  Std  Wheels  is  759.00


  Upgrade to  X- LARGE Wheels     Add   200.00

Hitch  Towing Adapter for Single Tongue   

Hitch  Towing Adapter for  Double  Tongue 275.00


Standard Wheel is  16" X 4"   X-Large   Wheel is 18" X 9.5"


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Video of Dynamic Dolly in Action - Solo Skiff 
Dolly shown with X - Large Wheels - Solo Skiff Fishing Boat 





Dynamic Dolly Wheels

"Standard" Wheel works well on Firm Ground   Such as  Pavement, Grass, Gravel.  Not recommended for Sand


"X- Large" Wheel Works Well  on Sand

NOTE :  Due to size it may float the dolly when it does not have  boat on it .  Place foot on tongue to submerge dolly so boat can float on for retrieval 



Remember - selecting a larger size tire increases the dollies floatation when in the water.  When using  X-Large  tires, step on the centerline tube to submerge the  dolly when retrieving the  boat.  As you pull boat up over the sling, it will further submerge the dolly 


Dynamic Dolly for Launching Boats


Dynamic Dolly for Launching Boats

X-Large Wheels on Dolly


Standard  Wheels on Dolly

           Video Shows How  Easily it  Assembles


Type 1 - Typical for Most Boats (with Standard Wheels 16" H x 4" W)



Dynamic Dolly for Launching Boats


Dynamic Dolly for Launching Boats

Dolly Ships Compactly


Dolly Dismantles to Fit in Trunk




Type 2 
- Typical for Laser*, Butterfly, Hummer Rock Dory, Kolibri, Mater Mouse  
*Laser model includes flip-up gunwale supports for storage



Hitch Adapter for Dynamic Dolly


Hitch Adapter for  Single Tube Dolly
NOTE - only for Short Distance
 at  5 MPH


 Hitch Adapter for  Dual Tube Dolly
NOTE - only for Short Distance
 at  5 MPH




Type 3 
- Typical for Sunfish,  Zuma, American Aqua Finn, Daysailer, Byte, 
 Catalina Capri 13' , Laser 2,
  Minifish, antom , Yankee Tender 



Sunfish on typical dolly


Sunfish Sailboat



Type 4.1 For Many Boats with Spinnakers



Lightweight, Yet strong




Type  5 - Up to 450  Lbs Capacity

Typical for 420 Class Sailboat, Vanguard 15, Inflatable Zodiac Style Boats  Pixel, Whitehall West Coast Slide Seat 11'




Dynamic Dollies Type 5  Vanguard Sailboat      Dynamic Dollies Type 5  Vanguard Sailboat

Type 5 Dolly for Vanguard 15  Sailboat



     Dynamic Dolly Type 5 for Zodiac Style inflatable Boats

Type 5 Dolly for Zodiac Style Inflatable Boats



Type  - Typical for Optimist Sailboat
Special Brackets allow carrying Opti right side up or storing upside down


Type 7- Typical for Most Boats with Plumb Bows



Type 9 - Typical for Most Large  Boats & Inflatables - Up to 600 Lbs Capacity

 Large Zodiac Style Inflatables. Beetle Cat, Boston Whaler 13', Catalina 16'-6", Daysailer 20', Flying Dutchman, Harpoon 4.6,   Gig Harbor Jersey Skiff,   Gig Harbor Maine Lobster Boat 15', Hunter 170 and 176,  Lifeboat,  Mutineer 15, Point Jude, Sand Boat,  Surf Dory,  Tanzer 16, Thistle,  Van Dyne Life Boat,  Whitehall Spirit Expedition 17'



Thistle Sail Boat on typical Type 9 Dolly   Type 9 for Large Inflatables 




See a Type 9 Dolly in action






Type 10- Typical for Waterbike, Small Twin Hulls, Pedal Boats



Type 1 4- Typical for Most Boats


Type 15 - Typical for Seacycle, Catamarans




Type 18- Typical for Outrigger Canoes
X-Large Wheels are standard on this dolly.  Capacity is 350 Lbs.



Wind Rider 16 and Windrider 17 Launching Dolly
Type 23  Typical for Windrider 16 or 17 Trimaran Sailboats
(Note X -Large  Wheels  as pictured are standard on this model
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FREE Shipping (48 USA)

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Boat Trailers

Trailex Universal SUT-350-SD Sling Dolly
Universal Sling
Style  Dolly
Trailex Universal Beach Lunching Dolly-menu-3
Universal  Bunk Style   Dolly

More Dollies








 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL